Your HACCP records but kept simple, less time consuming & cost-effective.

EatZoo releases the kitchen from messy time consuming paper work and allows the chef to get creative. Join an exciting 360 degree platform to help the hospitality industry big and small.

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Drop the paper and reap the benefits for every business

Save Time

Free chefs from constant paperwork.

Go Paperless

All your normal data but now anytime anywhere.

We keep you informed.

Know what is or more importantly what isn't happening in real time.

Mobile App

App available in both iOS and Google Android.

Save profits, Share the love and be Safe

Connect Front of House

Let the chef effortlessly communicate allergy and calorie content of specials.

Stay safe algorithms.

We monitor your food, staff & equipment to alert you to food spoilage and possible equipment failure.

Profit protection

Stay ahead of any price increase and easily request new quotes from suppliers.

Lets Keep things safe & simple.

What's in the box?
Think about all the daily paper recording required to be completed every day.

In the kitchen this would be the many cleaning duties done continually throughout the day as well as the 'clean ups' carried out when spills and accidents occur.

But don't forget about the reason there is a HACCP plan, food preparation needs to be recorded. EatZoo can handle this with a swipe and a click - indeed your whole team can share recording all the CCP's.

Kitchen equipment is also covered in our version one. Users can download our qr-codes, print them and place them on all your refrigeration, benches, equipment requiring specific scrutiny and really anything your HACCP plans requires or you feel would make your kitchen safer.

For reporting we offer a portal which can be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Here a business can review all CCP's in simple table form just as you would present for your local EHO to inspect.

The portal allow a head chef or manager to review individual CCP's, users, equipment and food production. Everything that is recorded can be displayed, printed or email via pdf.
Quick List of Features -
  • All CCP's recorded as per kitchens HACCP plan.
  • All cleaning duties included in daily schedule .
  • Referation temperatures recorded.
  • Recording of CCP's & cleaning can be done by all kitchen staff.
  • We have apps in both Android and Apple stores,
  • Everything recorded can be reviewed anytime form anywhere.
  • Add extra equipment for monitoring anytime.
  • Add new staff anytime.
  • This version, Version 1 does not restrict the number of users, CCP's or equipment. Version 1 will have the same as future paid versions.
  • And again, Version 1 if you sign up now is FREE for LIFE.

What you need to know about us!

It's not pretty, thats what they said about our group photograph, so I'll describe the three guys behind EatZoo.

We are Paul, Ryan & Patrick. Paul has 40 years in the hospitality trade with a background in programming. Ryan has a degree in Computer Science and has hit the road running since he joined the real world. He has crafted apps, platforms and servers for the great unwashed public. Patrick has been programming for the last 40 years, he was around when they were thinking of a name for the internet. Since then he has worked for many companies running big data solutions and is a legend here and in the west coast of america, he tells me this, and I assume its for programming!

Why Food Safety Management?
Quick story. While running a restaurant the team decide that a fridge needed a little bit more attention, short term. We weren't sure were the problem was and why it was giving erratic temperature results. But as we looked at the problem we realised that the whole team needed to be in the loop to ensure proper recording. But with so many team members and many of them part-time we decided to simply ask the team to record extra temperature for all the fridges.

This worked well, we were getting the extra readings but while we were doing this we received an inspection for EHO. Everything was fine but they did not like all the data they had to assimilate for the fridge readings, they asked us to drop the reading down to previous HACCP plan.

And that was the Eureka moment, or later on when Paul tried to find a solution to allowing a kitchen to operate a HACCP plan which works for them but is human friendly for the EHO.
Nothing could be found which was priced at a level to make it practicable or which could be used easily with the need to purchase bespoke tablets and digital probes.

Our vision for EatZoo

We're introducing EatZoo as a HACCP recording tool but we are really developing a platform to help everyone including customers in the hospitality business.

Future releases are going address 'margin creep' on menus, front of house operations, customer integration, calorie counting for chef and customers, full HACCP reporting on all aspects........and more I'm not allowed to share!

We've gone through Beta, Alpha versions for the last two years and have reached our Version 1.

Our next step will be to close for sign ups to Version 1 once we get our required number.

In 2 to 3 months time we will be ready to reveal our next release. This release will be initially to current Version 1 users only. Current users will already have experience with our apps and portal so any  feedback will be focused on the new features not onboarding for the first time.

We have two main releases for the future.
The first will be a 'Lite' version which will have everything in Version 1 plus...........

The Full version will go further .........