Let's make this simple.

From the very first days of development the mantra was always 'keep it simple'. We weren't developing an app to amaze customers with bells and whistles but to allow fast and efficient CCP recording.

EatZoo came about with the constant struggle of a food operation working to keep their Food Safety Plan current but the paperwork was threatening to stop the kitchen crew being not only productive but creative.
Another problem arose when the local environmental officer had issues with the volume of data being created.
The issue was not how much data but how it could be understood - easily.
From this came the idea that it's not about the recording of the data but how this information can be displayed, shared and more importantly reused to help benefit the business. Four years later we've launched - Welcome to EatZoo.

Ralph Ewing
Financial Director
30 Years in accountancy with experience in IT companies and digital startups
Ryan Farren
Ryan has a vast knowledge of all technologies which make up the internet. He can visualise, design and implement faster than most of mere mortals can order a McDonalds! (other fast food available but only one Ryan!!)
Patrick Farren
Can you remember the first time you saw a barcode scanner in operation? Well Patrick probably was behind the development. Now days he runs big data security for banks.
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