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EatZoo App

EatZoo has the bells & whistles to ensure every last task is monitored and confirmed done but remember it's what your FSM plan requires - keep things simple.

From our experience we see some businesses get too enthusiastic about recording CCP's which are not part of the business food safety plan. Yes, EatZoo can do all this, but every interaction is slowing down production. 

Remember, we're not here to get you to push buttons. We only want you to record as per the business food safety plan.

EatZoo will allow a business to drill down and review processes and shortly we will be advising business of possible problems. Any issues found can be addressed by developing a stronger plan or expanding on instructions.

All new businesses are configured thus - 

Every asset (refrigeration, cooking equipment, vent, wall, store room, restroom etc.) can have several tasks recorded against them. The main two are temperature recording and cleaning. These tasks are performed in an 'ad-hoc' way, such as when the contents of a fridge leak and the chef advise that clean up has taken place, or the fridge temperature is taken after it has been open for longer than usual. This is an 'ad-hoc' event, not something which is expected at any specific time but which ensure the kitchen is kept safe.

These tasks are accessed by scanning a QR-code on the asset or picking from a list on the EatZoo app.

But the essential CCP's are either in the 'cook' section or the list of tasks assigned against the user/role. 

The scheduled tasks require the user to indicate that the task has been completed or if there was a problem alert the business via one of the 'Bump' instructions.

'Cook' CCP's are performed as the cooking task is completed, cooked final temperature, reheat etc.