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Food Consultant

A troop of chefs are seldom in the same room at any one time, so how do you pass the knowledge?

Any user assigned 'admin' rights can jump onto the dash board and update any of the instructions assigned to any task.

With EatZoo you can create 'complex' cooking process and each process can have its own instruction.

  • Store
  • Make
  • Cook
  • Chill
  • Reheat
  • Temperature

and of course, cleaning task -

  • deep clean floors
  • vents
  • monthly wall cleaning

but 'instructions' don't stop there -

  • Front of house 'House keeping'
  • Customer complaint procedures
  • Bookings procedures
  • Re-stocking procedures
  • Fire Exit monitoring
  • Emergency evacuation instructions

Share the knowledge and with EatZoo no paper is required, no meetings called and you can change content anytime, anywhere.

Staff should navigate to 'Switch Business' link in slider menu. If they simply re-select the business all data is updated.