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How to login in, use filters to examine your business and how to amend 'instructions' to better reflect your business procedures.

Our system pre-populates your business with equipment, tasks and associated instructions. They are all given very basic names but you can change names and expand on instructions anytime.

The video explains:

  • How to sign in to the dash board.
  • Use the powerful filter to drill down into all your data.
  • How to change the 'Instructions' to allow you to fully illustrate your business Food Safety Plan or general business operation procedures.

To Sign in.

Use your own email address and password you created when you first registered to use the EatZoo app. If you have forgotten your password you can request to reset.

To Drill down and filter your business data.

On the left hand side of the dashboard there is a list of options, at the bottom you will see 'Reports', click on this to show the most recent data. (If you're not seeing a list then click on the '>' at the top left beside the EatZoo logo. This will open the list)

Reports link on open menu.
Dash board, menu option not open. Click on '>' to view.

The reports screen is split into four sections:

  • Bumped Events
  • All Events
  • Reports
  • Stats

To see any data you must first put in a date range, todays date in both date pickers or any variation (including time if required!)

The 'Bumped Events' and 'All Events' will only display data if events happen in the requested time line. (If the 'loading icon' keeps spinning then there is no data, click back to 'Dashboard' item (resets search parameters) and re-try reports with 'wider' time line.

Drill Down Instructions:

  • Click on the search box with 'Global Filter' in the search box. Enter any parts of a word, action, email etc and the screen will filter.
  • Data can be exported in CSV format by clicking on 'All data' or 'Selection Only' buttons the left and right of the filter box.

To amend Instructions:

  • Click on 'Instructions' on the left hand side.
  • Click on required instruction (there may be more instructions on the next page, check for pagination numbers at the bottom of the screen)
  • Amend text to reflect business documents.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Always click 'Update' button (bottom of screen) to save new text. If you amend more than one instruction in one go only one will be saved!!!

For all up dates to go live, ask all users to 'Switch Business' on their phones, no new sign is required, simply reselect your business.