Management sign off on CCP recordings

Managment sign off on collected CCP. User highlights review date range and accepts or remarks on outcomes.

Prep-list recording with exceptions

Users can pick from a Pre-list and confirm completion and complex CCP steps

Cleaning Task Recording with exceptions

Users can pick a required cleaning task or select one which is outside the norm but occasionally required to fufil FSM plan.

Refrigeration appliance CCP with exceptions

Record holding temperature and highlight any unexpected outcomes and corrections.

Personal Hygiene recording

Quick recording of handwash times.

Record Serve CCP temperature and any exceptions.

Final temperature check before serving, the user can comment on any exceptions.

Record Holding temperatures with exceptions recording.

Hot hold food temperatures recorded.

Record Preparation CCP's

CCP pf completed food production recorded as well as any actions required to obtain correct CCP

Record storage of ingredients / products

Record storage dates and times.

Receive goods tracking

Delivery condition recorded and actions recorded.

App available on Apple & Android stores

Our user interface on mobile devices ensures that information can be entered quickly and accurately with one hand no matter the size of the device.


Calorie count is produced based on ingredients and portion control. Customers can use these figures to add to their own calorie logs.

Live View

Only when authorised by the chef, this function allows for live reporting of 'open' critical control points. Authorities can see control points opened, closed and outcomes as they happen.

Kitchen Safety Broadcast Live

The Chef has the option to make Food Safety Monitoring Reporting live. We pull all the kitchen data together, refine the results and display a simple measure of how well the kitchen is performing.

Restroom Monitoring Live

With restroom function, we keep all things clean and safe. With live reporting, we can advise problems direct to management and confirm if areas are safe for customers

We don't review We Analyse

We use our own algorithms to show how safe a kitchen is performing.

Portion Calorie Count

Lets customer calorie counter pull in calorie count associated with the restaurant meal.

Full HACCP reporting

All data entered as part of a kitchens HACCP plan can be accessed and viewed by time, user, exceptions & outcome. This information can be presented on screen or sent as a PDF to interested parties.

Full over-sight.

As the consultant for a kitchen you will have access to all reporting and be able to further update HACCP procedures which will be notified to all kitchen staff.

Food Consultants.

EHO's are pressed for time and are expecting kitchens to seek expert advice from food consultants were full in depth training can be given.

Appliance History.

Full history of appliance temperature is available to help diagnose problems. Also shown are previous work notices to allow any engineer to view what has been maintained in the past.

Site Safety.

All site safety notices are displayed ensuring all visitors are aware of current guidelines.

First Aid.

Stay safe with the knowledge of the location of First Aid kits and any First Aid staff members.

Bespoke Purchase Orders.

Orders placed are emailed to the supplier with all the details of the offer along with suppliers SKU /PLU and invoice line description. No confusion over vague orders left on the answering machine.


Farm to Fork. Feed the chef information about your products, the back story, the location, web site or links to information.

Compliance Snapshot is here.

All staff see the Green Shield weather kitchen staff or front of house. Should the shield change to red then staff in the department know problems have developed and can review.

Share the knowledge.

Create 'mise en place' documents to clearly inform everyone what has to be done to complete any task correctly. All users notified are asked to confirm understanding of notice.

Easy documents.

We've allowed chefs and management to easily create or modify mise en place and work instructions. Any changes are notified to users and confirmation requested.

Menu Vault.

Keep all seasonal menus, specials or function menus stored until you want to use them again. When required ask the system to request quotes for ingredients and accept the best.

Customer Satisfaction.

Front of House staff can record customer satisfaction and when compared to previous landmark events can show if new menus, pricing or staffing is improving customer satisfraction.

Streamlined work.

All the daily grind of book-work streamlined. Chefs use their smartphone to grab temperatures and report problems.

Broadcast menus.

Get you menus out there. We provide the ability to have your current menu uploaded to the web and made available for listing sites to display. Your menu should never be out of date again.


Ingredient allergies are available for Chef to see when creating specials or new menus. Any allergy notifications are sent live to Front of House staff.

Prep Lists - ToDo's

Prep-lists defined and assigned to staff roles. Standard prep-lists can be created for each day of the week or added to depending on the work required. Chef sees live information on work not done.

Save on time spent recording and increase productivity.

A kitchen can spend up to 6% of its wage bill manually recording HACCP. We've streamlined recording so it's easier to record and the data is used to help reduce food wastage.

Protect Profits

Get quotes for all your ingredients, chemicals, flatware, uniforms, etc. With our system, we will notify you well before any quotes expire saving you time and trouble chasing suppliers for credits.

Improve Scores

Scores on the Doors' relies on evidence of compliance. Show that you and your staff are actively recording critical control points and making adjustments to ensure food processes are completed safely.