Remote Reporting

Chef or another administrator as remote access to review recorded data.


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Licence Tiers.

We have a tiered licence buy in program. Consultants buying into tiers or moving up by accumulated licences will be listed in appropriate tier.

List with EatZoo.

Food consultants can pay for listings within EatZoo allowing kitchens to easily connect their account. The same consultants will also be able to help new kitchens convert from paper to EatZoo.

Cut & Paste - carefully.

No two kitchens are ever the same when it comes to Food Safety Management. When developing plans we have allowed food consultants to copy and paste from previous procedures.

Full over-sight.

As the consultant for a kitchen you will have access to all reporting and be able to further update HACCP procedures which will be notified to all kitchen staff.

Food Consultants.

EHO's are pressed for time and are expecting kitchens to seek expert advice from food consultants were full in depth training can be given.


Farm to Fork. Feed the chef information about your products, the back story, the location, web site or links to information.

Compliance Snapshot is here.

All staff see the Green Shield weather kitchen staff or front of house. Should the shield change to red then staff in the department know problems have developed and can review.

Easy documents.

We've allowed chefs and management to easily create or modify mise en place and work instructions. Any changes are notified to users and confirmation requested.

Menu Vault.

Keep all seasonal menus, specials or function menus stored until you want to use them again. When required ask the system to request quotes for ingredients and accept the best.

Prep Lists - ToDo's

Prep-lists defined and assigned to staff roles. Standard prep-lists can be created for each day of the week or added to depending on the work required. Chef sees live information on work not done.

Protect Profits

Get quotes for all your ingredients, chemicals, flatware, uniforms, etc. With our system, we will notify you well before any quotes expire saving you time and trouble chasing suppliers for credits.