Billing, Contact & History
all current.

Appliance History.

Full history of appliance temperature is available to help diagnose problems. Also shown are previous work notices to allow any engineer to view what has been maintained in the past.

Confirm costs.

Contact infomation for the Head Chef and Admin are listed and will always be up to date. This allows for direct communication with the bill payer to confirm permission to complete the job.

Site Safety.

All site safety notices are displayed ensuring all visitors are aware of current guidelines.

Send Billing notification.

Automatic billing notification ensures all relevent information is sent to the kitchen admin assisting with the creating of formal invoices.

First Aid.

Stay safe with the knowledge of the location of First Aid kits and any First Aid staff members.

The info you need.

Eatzoo offers all the data needed to complete a site visit. History of equipment and contact numbers to confirm tasks completed during visit.