Group Customers for offers

Broadcast offers to specific customers.

Focus on selected products.

Offers can be built around specific products or ranges. Suppliers with large product lists offering solutions to various kitchen styles can build special offer pricing to be sent to specific locations

Product Recall.

Instant recalls. Tell the system the product, date range of sales and we can notify the chef of the recall and any instructions. We can build a list of customers who have not acknowledged.

100% Decision Makers.

Your quote goes straight to the chef and if accepted makes your products live for orders no matter who is ordering.

Bespoke Purchase Orders.

Orders placed are emailed to the supplier with all the details of the offer along with suppliers SKU /PLU and invoice line description. No confusion over vague orders left on the answering machine.

Control Offer Metrics.

By quoting our system ensures that the chef knows the deal and the timeline for the offer. The system will alert you when quotes are due to end to allow time for updating.


Farm to Fork. Feed the chef information about your products, the back story, the location, web site or links to information.

Outlet Sector Lists.

Build products lists by outlet type. Cafes, Dinners, Full Restaurants or Hotel. By building a list for each sector ensures that no products are missed out for chef.

Instantly Know who 'buys in'.

Suppliers will know instantly if a chef accepts a quote which allows their sales force to concentrate on those who have not accepted the quote.

Protect Profits

Get quotes for all your ingredients, chemicals, flatware, uniforms, etc. With our system, we will notify you well before any quotes expire saving you time and trouble chasing suppliers for credits.